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RDA Bulk Packaging Ltd has, Est 1999, successfully supplied a comprehensive range of FIBC’s (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), also known as Bulk Bags to a wide range of business customers across the UK and more recently in Europe and other countries worldwide. Our teams in the UK and India are dedicated to supplying you with the best packing solution for your business.

Along with Bulk bags we also supply many other products such as; woven polypropylene sacks, sandbags, garden waste/kerbside collection bags, polythene bags, liners and many more. We hold large stocks in our UK warehouses for both immediate delivery, and also those products that have been manufactured to specific requirements for our existing customers that we have contracted with them to stock on their behalf.



Our mission at RDA Bulk Packaging Ltd is to provide every customer with the best possible solution to their organisation’s FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) requirements, while offering extraordinary customer care.


We aim to supply reliable products, that are the most cost effective for our customers and we strive to continually enhance and develop new and existing products and markets, showing a commitment to our customers and the FIBC industry.


Our policy is to create and maintain a close bond with our specialist internal team members, our established and reliable supply chain and most importantly our customers that is based on integrity and professionalism.

A Leap Towards Sustainability

RDA's 100% rPP Bags

At RDA Bulk Packaging Ltd, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking line of products – the 100% rPP bags. These bags are a testament to our dedication to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials. 100% rPP stands for 100% recycled polypropylene, a material that is derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. By harnessing the power of recycling, we have crafted a range of bags that not only serve their purpose effectively but also contribute significantly to a circular economy.

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Many of our stock products are available to order on our online shop 24/7 so you can order at a time convenient for you.


We accept

  • That as an organisation we have developed so that we can offer you a flexible, strong and cost effective solution to your FIBC’s requirements.
  • That you can’t always plan your packaging requirements well in advance. That’s why we pride ourselves on holding large volumes of stock and are continually adding more products to our range.
  • The importance of sustainability. Our FIBC bulk bags are made principally from polypropylene, an extremely high strength material that is 100% recyclable.

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Offer a competitive price.

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Hold 6 months of your required stock in our UK warehouses; reducing lead times and helping with your cash flow.

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Consistently supply a fully certified quality product.

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Offer a complete inventory management system for all your FIBC requirements.

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We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, quality products and extraordinary customer care.

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Committed, loyal, reliable

Supporting your business is our main objective at RDA Bulk Packaging Ltd.

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