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Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners

Maximizing Stability and Efficiency in Bulk Packaging


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RDA Bulk Packaging offers a smart and efficient solution for bulk packaging with our Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners. These innovative packaging products are designed to optimize storage space, enhance stability, and improve transportation efficiency for a wide range of bulk materials. Whether you require bulk bags with baffles or baffle liners, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.



Baffle Bags - Key Features

  • Baffle Design: Our Baffle Bags are constructed with unique internal baffles or panels that form a rectangle shape within the bag. These baffles help maintain the bag’s shape and prevent it from bulging or collapsing when filled, ensuring maximum stability during transportation and storage.
  • Enhanced Load Stability: The incorporation of baffles in our bags allows for better weight distribution and prevents the material from shifting during handling and transportation. This added stability reduces the risk of tipping and ensures safer and more efficient bulk material transportation.
  • Optimized Storage Space: Baffle Bags enable efficient use of storage space. As the baffles keep the bag’s sides straight, they fit closely together when stacked, minimizing wasted space and maximizing storage capacity in warehouses and shipping containers.
  • Customization Options: We offer various sizes, lifting options, and discharge features to suit your specific application requirements. Our Baffle Bags can be customized with different filling and discharging options, making material handling seamless and efficient.

Baffle Liners - Key Features

  • Best Options for Moisture sesitive products or Fine Powders: Baffle Liners are designed specifically for moisture sensitive or fine powders, which require more safety features then standard Baffle bags. Baffle liner allow a proper space utilissation for such products inside bag which help in efficient transportaion and storage of such products in bulk. 
  • Contamination Prevention: Baffle Liners provide an additional layer of protection for bulk materials by creating a barrier between the product and outer bag This helps prevent cross-contamination and maintains the integrity and quality of the materials during storage and transport.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By optimizing container space and improving material flow, Baffle Liners offer a cost-effective solution for bulk material handling. They enable you to increase the efficiency of material transportation and minimize material waste, ultimately saving time and money.



  • Increased Stability: Both Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners provide enhanced stability during transportation and storage, reducing the risk of spills or accidents and improving overall safety.
  • Space Optimization: These products enable efficient use of storage space, allowing for higher stacking and maximizing the capacity of containers or shipping units.
  • Improved Material Flow: Baffle Liners enhance the flow of bulk materials, facilitating a more efficient unloading process and reducing downtime during material handling.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer a range of customization options to meet specific requirements, ensuring our Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners seamlessly integrate into your existing operations.
  • Cost Savings: By increasing the efficiency of material transportation, both Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners help reduce overall operational costs and enhance productivity.



Baffle Bags and Baffle Liners find versatile applications across various industries, including:

• Agriculture: Seeds, Fertilizers, Grains
• Chemicals: Powders, Granules, Pellets
• Construction: Sand, Aggregates, Cement
• Food and Beverage: Rice, Flour, Sugar
• Pharmaceuticals: Raw Materials, Excipients
• Recycling: Plastic Resins, Recycled Materials