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Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liner

Ensuring Freshness and Quality of Perishable Food Products


At RDA Bulk Packaging

RDA Bulk Packaging is proud to offer Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liner, a cutting-edge packaging solution designed to protect perishable food items from the harmful effects of oxygen exposure. Our specialised bags combine the benefits of food-grade materials with the superior barrier properties of the oxygen barrier liner, ensuring the preservation of freshness, flavour, and nutritional value throughout the product’s shelf life.



Key Features

  • Food-Grade Materials: Our Food Grade Bags are manufactured using high-quality, food-grade polyethene or polypropylene, ensuring that they are safe for direct contact with food items. These materials comply with stringent food safety regulations, providing a reliable and hygienic packaging option.
  • Oxygen Barrier Liner Technology: The core feature of our bags lies in the integration of an oxygen barrier liner. This advanced technology utilises a combination of specialised films, such as metallised films or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layers, to create a strong barrier against oxygen ingress. This prevents oxidation, staleness, and spoilage, ultimately extending the shelf life of your perishable food products.
  • Customisable Options: We understand that different food products have unique packaging requirements. Our Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liners can be tailored in size, shape, and printing, allowing you to showcase your brand and product information effectively.
  • Moisture and Odor Resistance: Besides oxygen barrier properties, our bags also offer moisture and odour resistance. This ensures that the packaged food remains fresh and free from external contaminants, preserving its aroma and taste.
  • Variety of Bag Types: Our Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liners are available in various formats, including stand-up pouches, flat bags, and resealable bags, catering to different packaging needs and enhancing convenience for end-users.



  • Preservation of Freshness: The oxygen barrier liner technology minimises oxygen exposure, preserving the freshness and quality of packaged food items.
  • Extended Shelf Life: By reducing oxidation and spoilage, our bags help extend the shelf life of perishable products, reducing waste and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Branding: Custom printing options allow you to create eye-catching designs, enhancing your brand’s visibility and appeal on the retail shelf.
  • Improved Product Safety: The food-grade materials and oxygen barrier liner technology provide an extra layer of protection, safeguarding the packaged food from external contaminants.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Our Food Grade Bags are designed with environmental considerations, providing sustainable packaging solutions for your business.

    With RDA Bulk Packaging’s Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liners, you can be confident that your perishable food products are packaged with the highest freshness and quality preservation standards. Contact us today to discuss your specific packaging needs and discover how our innovative bags can elevate your food packaging solutions.



Our Food Grade Bags with Oxygen Barrier Liners are ideal for packaging a wide range of perishable food products, including but not limited to:

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Coffee Beans and Grounds
  • Snack Foods
  • Dried Herbs and Spices
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • Baked Goods
  • Dehydrated Food Items