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Customer information on UK tax compliant FIBC’s (Bulk bags). The tax came into force from 1st April 2022

and Starting from April 1, 2024, the tax rate for plastic packaging manufactured or imported into the UK will increase to £217.85 per tonne. Until that date, the current rate of £210.83 per tonne will continue to be charged.


What is plastic packaging tax (PPT)?

The Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) is a tax in the United Kingdom aimed at reducing the use of plastic packaging and encouraging the use of recycled plastic that will apply to plastic packaging manufactured or imported in UK, that does not contain at least 40% recycled plastic by weight. The tax was introduced as part of the UK government’s efforts to address environmental concerns related to single-use plastics.

Why RDA?

We’ve invested significant time (over 4 years) in the development and testing of rPP Bag, a Bulk bag made from recycled polypropylene, demonstrating a commitment to quality, reliability and environmental consciousness. At RDA we are already producing our FIBC’s with 40% recycled content and have developed some products with 100% recycled content.RDA we do not stand still. We are now working with our partners to move our FIBC’s to include 50% recycled content and increase our range of products that we can achieve 100% recycled content with.

Recycled Content
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RDA tax compliant FIBC’s (Bulk bags)

Suitable for most types of Bulk Bags

Available for printed bags

Fully recyclable

Fully Plastic Packaging Tax Compliant